Gas pipe for newborns: how to use it

Intestinal colic, constipation and elevated flatulence - these are the problems that, beginning at about three weeks old, do not allow the baby and his mother to sleep at night. The child is torn from crying, and the poor parent sometimes does not know how to relieve his pain. To solve such a delicate problem, a gas pipe is available in the pharmacies for sale.

It is very important for a young mother to know exactly how to perform the procedure for the removal of gazik, because it is necessary to achieve the desired result without injuring the tender intestine of the baby.

Gas fired tube for newborns: how to use

For the procedure you will need: a gas outlet tube of the appropriate size (the pharmacist at the pharmacy will tell you this characteristic of the product) and Vaseline or vegetable oil.

1. Before you decide to put the tube to the baby, first try all possible ways to relieve intestinal colic: applying a warm diaper to the tummy, tummy massage, gymnastics. If nothing has helped for a long time, skip to the next paragraph of this manual.

2. It is very important to put the gas outlet tube as neatly as possible, because it is very easy to damage the small intestine of a newborn. Rectal injury can develop into bleeding and peritonitis.

3. Immediately after purchasing the gas pipe, it is necessary to boil it and store it in a separate clean bag. After each use, the tube is thoroughly rinsed and boiled for 5 minutes.

4. Wash your hands. Anal opening of the baby and the tube itself is well lubricated with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. It is good, if at the time of the procedure the mother will have an assistant, as the toddlers very quickly become mobile and active.

5. Grudnichkov the first months of life should be laid out on the back, and press the legs to the tummy.

6. Insert the rounded tip of the gas outlet tube slowly and carefully into the baby's intestinal tract. For newborns, the depth of administration is no more than 4 cm, and for children from a year - no more than 5-6 cm. Do not push the tube violently - if you feel resistance, stop and finish the procedure on this.

7. Twirl the gas pipe in the rectum with light movements to stimulate its work and help the gazikam, so tormenting the baby, to get out. At the same time, you can stroke a babe on the bellies clockwise or make a "bicycle" movement with his legs.

8. As soon as the gasses and stool go away, remove the tube, wash your baby and lubricate his anus with a baby cream.

Gas pipe for infants: contraindications

Do not use the tube if the child has rectum disease or if you suspect bleeding.

Gas pipe for babies: what's important to remember

In no case should you leave the newborn during the withdrawal of the gazikas without supervision.

Repeated procedure for the introduction of a gas outlet tube can be carried out no earlier than 3-4 hours later.

Before you put a gas outlet tube, you should know that it is a radical method for fighting the accumulated gullet in the intestines. Do not take it as a panacea and abuse its use. Use it only in the most extreme cases, as well as to an enema. Otherwise, the newborn will "get used to" the procedure, become dependent on it and will not be able to learn to push himself to empty the intestines. And in order to help the baby, it is useful to do a tummy massage. In addition, today there are special drugs, including plant-based.

Gas fired tube for newborns: how to make yourself

Many mothers do not know what to do when the nearby pharmacies do not have a much needed gas outlet pipe available. To solve the problem, you can buy a syringe that is appropriate for the child's age, and just cut it in a circle. The boiled product is also introduced into the direct intestine of crumbs, which contributes to the removal of accumulated gazik.

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