Flowers from ribbons with their own hands: lessons for beginners

For needlewomen there is one inexhaustible theme for creativity - floral. Apparently, nature itself inspires so many experiments. Of what only flowers do: from paper, from various fabrics, from leather, from threads, from beads and plastic bottles! And what about the techniques of performance: they mold, sew, knit, glue, cut and paint! In a word, floral motifs are an endless reason for creativity, fantasy and their embodiment. If you are just starting your way into needlework and have not yet found your favorite techniques, try using simple material and an uncomplicated manufacturing method. Let's begin by making flowers from ribbons with our own hands. Besides the fact that it's fascinating, it's also practical. Making flowers from ribbons can be your favorite hobby. These works will become wonderful accessories for clothes or decoration for
Bags. And what beautiful hair clips and hair bands can be made using flowers. Let's try?

So, flowers from ribbons with their own hands. Each craftsman has his favorite production option, there are many, and they all have different complexity. We will begin with a simple method that does not require special equipment and investment.

What do we need for a flower?

  1. Tapes.
  2. Threads.
  3. Needles.
  4. Scissors.

How to make flowers from ribbons? The photos presented in the article help you. Ribbons can be bought in shops for needlework or where fabrics are sold. Threads and needles are likely to be found in your house.

In order to make flowers from ribbons with your own hands, you need to decide how splendid your product will be. This will determine the length of the tape. The larger the flower, the longer the ribbon is needed. And the size of the product itself will depend on the width.

Try to make a flower from a meter cut. To do this, pick up a thread in the tone of the tape and thread it into a comfortable and sharp needle. Look at your ribbon - they come with different edges - and choose which edge you will thread on the thread, and which will be the outer edge of the flower itself.

The photo shows how to start work. Wrap the corner and secure it. This must be done so that the strings do not come out and do not stick together when using the product.

The next step will be threading the edge of the tape onto the thread. It should be denser. You can fold the thread several times so that it does not tear. Steps try to make small, then the flower will come out neat. Needle you need to go to the end of the product.

And now you should carefully pull off the ribbon. The edge where we laid a corner, you need to spin around, pulling on the thread.

When all the tape is twisted, you should fix it with a needle and thread on the back side, so that your flower does not fall apart.

That's all the wonders! Flowers from tapes with their own hands are easy to make. They can be attached to a child's clasp or hoop.

If you want to make a large flower with "torn" edges, take a wide tape of organza and one edge slightly scorch above the burning candle. The edge will turn out uneven, but this will be all the charm. In the middle of such flowers you can sew beads or paste crystals.

The scope for your imagination is not limited. Try it - and you will succeed.

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