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"Finnish Quarter", LCD: apartments from the builder, layout and reviews

Live practically in the city, but at the same time, surrounded by a wonderful nature and in a favorable environment - is this not the dream of every inhabitant of a megacity? And today there is such an opportunity. Construction companies actively develop the suburban areas of St. Petersburg and build modern residential complexes, thereby creating a truly comfortable environment in all respects. And one of such new buildings is the LCD "Finnish Quarters" (St. Petersburg). The place for its erection was chosen Vsevolozhsky district, known for its good ecology, and a complex is being built next to the village of Luppolovo, located five kilometers from the metropolis.

About the complex

The new building received its name not for the sake of euphoniousness, but because in the design and construction process, Finnish technologies for planning and building modern houses are used. In the documents, the microdistrict is listed as "Finnish quarters", nevertheless residents of the complex, as well as future owners of apartments often call it the "Finnish Quarter". LCD from this, of course, does not become worse, and the essence of the matter does not change it. When it comes to the complex, everyone understands what kind of new building is involved.

"Finnish Quarter" - LCD, apartments in which belong to the class of comfort, - is a complex development, consisting of buildings of small number of storeys (from 3 to 9 floors.). Construction of it began in 2013, in 2015, the first stage was completed - two three-story buildings, apartments in which at the moment have already been sold. The second turn is planned to be delivered by the end of 2017. In total, the complex will be put up for sale 788 apartments. "Finnish Quarter" - LCD, where you can buy both studios and 1-2-3-4-room accommodation. The area of apartments - from 22 to 147 "squares". Construction is carried out by IC Element-Concrete - a developer with an excellent reputation, enjoying well-deserved respect in the real estate market.

Infrastructure and Ecology

At the moment near the complex there are no large objects of commercial and entertainment infrastructure, all purchases have to be made by tenants in supermarkets located ten minutes away. But there are a lot of them. These are Auchan, Maxidom, Mega-Parnas, IKEA. Nearby there is also the TRC "Grand Canyon". If necessary, you can buy everything you need in the shops Luppolovo, although the assortment there is not so great.

After delivery of the complex on the first floors of the buildings intended for commercial facilities, there will be own shops, pharmacies, and consumer service points. In addition, on the territory of the complex the developer builds the school building and d / s. While residents can use the infrastructure facilities located near the Vyborgsky metropolitan area, as well as located near the LCD station of the metro Prospekt Prosveshcheniya.

As for ecology, then, as already mentioned, the situation in this region is quite favorable. In the Vsevolozhsk district there are no industrial zones, but there is an abundance of forest tracts and reservoirs.


The nearest metro station "Prospekt Prosveshcheniya" can be reached by bus (three routes run). The journey takes less than 20 minutes. In ten minutes by car there is a roundabout exit, which allows you to get to the center of St. Petersburg or drive to the roads of the region. Near the complex is located Priozernoe highway. Also near the LCD there are two stations, from which electric trains are sent to the Finland Station.

Living spaces

As already mentioned, all the apartments for sale in the LCD "Finnish Quarters" are for comfort class. Housing is characterized by ergonomics and functionality of planning. In addition, there are apartments of different sizes, from which, as we know, the cost also depends. Therefore, to choose a suitable option will be able to almost any potential client.

"Finnish Quarter" - LCD, in which the apartments are sold directly from the developer. In the buildings that have not yet been handed over, it is possible to purchase housing on the basis of equity participation and at minimum prices. So, at the moment for sale are exhibited 43 studios with an area of 22 to 25 square meters. M, 154 "odnushki" (from 33 to 35 squares), 150 "dvushek" (50-70 sq. M.), 16 "treshki" with the area from 60 to 75 squares. You can also buy one of the six 4-room apartments. The smallest has an area of 76 square meters. M, the largest, with a terrace - 147 "squares".


"Finnish Quarter" - LCD, the layout of apartments in which is very diverse. Regardless of its type, each living space is characterized by competent space zoning and functionality. In the hall of each apartment there is a space for creating a wardrobe or installing a spacious wardrobe, the area of some one-room apartments is significantly increased due to large glazed terraces. "Dvushki" are offered both in traditional layout and in the "euro" format. In 4-room apartments - two bathrooms. On the staircase there are separate storerooms for each dwelling. Ceiling height - 2 m 70 cm.

Apartments are rented with several types of finishes.


Three types are proposed. Roughing involves the presence of installed and connected communications, plastered walls and screeds on the floor. Also there are all meters, fire alarm. Loggias are glazed, the front door is installed.

Predchistovaya differs from the previous one in that the walls and ceilings are fully prepared for painting and wallpapering. The entrance door is steel, not wooden. In the bathroom is hung a heated towel rail.

Finishing - turnkey apartment. All types of work, as well as design are coordinated with the future owner.

Housing estate "Finnish quarters": prices for apartments

The cost of housing is relatively affordable (taking into account the class of comfort). So, the studio can be purchased for 1 million 390 thousand - 2 million 370 thousand rubles. For odnushku have to lay out from two to almost 9 (apartments with terraces) of millions, kopecks will cost 2.5-7 million rubles, treshki - from 3 million 200 thousand to 4 million 800 thousand rubles. Four-room apartments cost from 5 to 13 million.

LCD "Finnish Quarter": reviews

What do people say about the complex? By and large, the "Finnish Quarter" - LCD, about which those who have already settled in houses, and those who are still planning a purchase, respond mostly in a positive way. There is no special negativity. Of course, the tenants are not entirely satisfied with the fact that there are no stores near by, but eventually everything will be fine. Some believe that in one-room apartments large halls "eat" too much useful space. However, the choice was, it was not necessary in this case to purchase such an apartment, it was possible to select a suitable studio. People also say that prices are somewhat inflated for the region. With what, in fact, experts agree.

In all other claims, neither to the quality of the finish, nor to the location, nor to the transport communication and the timing of the delivery of houses.

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