Fashionable hair color in 2017: photo

Every girl always wants to be beautiful and keep up to date. But fashion changes so quickly that it is almost impossible to monitor all trends and be on the edge. Especially it concerns the field of hairdresser's art. Last year, everything was clarified and painted strands of colored chalk, then fought for natural shades.

How fashionable hair color is in 2017? And what color can be called actual? Let's try to understand all these issues of concern to women in the article.

Platinum Blond

Of course, the most famous owner of this color is Marilyn Monroe, whose cult is again revived. So, at the shows autumn-winter and spring-summer 2017, a huge number of transformed models were seen. Cardinally repainted in blondes and such celebrities as Irina Sheik, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner. Of course, for them these changes turned out to be short-term - they all returned to the usual colors within a week, but the fact remains.

But do not chase the fashion, if you are not one of the above persons, you should think over everything first, especially if radical changes are to be made. Who will approach this fashionable hair color?

First of all, you need to determine your color. This shade is ideal for a girl "winter".

Also on the background of platinum, blue and gray eyes will be very advantageous.

Do not seek a beautiful platinum shade of blond if natural hair is very dark. It is very difficult to get such a lightening tone, there is a huge risk to spoil the hair. After all, it is better to preserve the natural color than to remain without hair. We must think about this first.

– это модный окрас волос на короткие волосы. Platinum blond is a fashionable hair color for short hair. This is proved by Kristen Stewart, who is not afraid to experiment at all. She chose the most current trend - darkened roots and color stretching.

It is worth mentioning that such a shade should not be chosen by women for 50 - it will only add extra years, and this is not necessary. Therefore, this category should pay special attention to the warmer shades of this color. And if platinum is very like, then you can paint only some of the strands - it will look stylish.

Tips for maintaining color

  • After 2 weeks after staining, you must start using a shampoo or balm (or better all at once) with a purple pigment. It will retain color longer and neutralize the undesirable yellow tint.
  • Do not stop with shampoo and balm. Discolored hair has suffered from this procedure, so they need a special gentle care, which includes the use of masks and oils.

Strawberry blond

Blondes are lucky again. They can just buy a tint shampoo and try out this unusual color on their hair. But do not rush, you need to figure out what it is. There is an erroneous opinion that if the blond strawberry, then it will use bright red and pink shades. No, definitely. This shade is a light blond blond with a light, completely unobtrusive pinkish warm sublime.

It is worth saying that for a long time this shade will not last, it is very difficult to maintain at home, so before you dye your hair like that, you need to do the necessary procedures to restore them - the pigment will last longer.

This fashionable hair color 2017 (photo above) will suit girls with light china leather. Brown eyes will stand out especially against the background of this coloration. If the color is matched according to the type of the girl, then it will look luxurious.


This fashionable hair color has gained immense popularity in 2017. First it was tested by the stars of Hollywood, then known instagramery, and now all the girls picked it up. Of course, the relevance of this shade starts to slow down, but all the same the bravest women want to see themselves in this image.

This shade does not suit everyone. It is quite complicated, it can add extra years to the image, make it a little heavier, but still it looks quite expensive and multifaceted, interesting.


  • Do not try to get this fashionable hair color at home. It can only be achieved by natural blondes when using shade shampoos.
  • If the condition of the hair leaves much to be desired, then gray they will look even worse.
  • If there are concerns about this color, and you really want to try it - you can make an ombre or just paint the strands. But the first technique will be relevant only if the natural hair is close to black. This experiment should not be conducted for blondes.

Natural light brown

There are about 10 shades of light brown. By the way, this is the most common natural color of hair in women of our continent. How did it happen that it is also a fashionable hair color 2017? In the trend, fashion for naturalness: this is makeup without make-up, and mono-aromatics, and the lack of nail polish. The trend finally got to the hair. But how to understand what shade of light-brown is really relevant?

Conditionally it is possible to divide this color into 2 main ones: golden and ashy. At the moment they are absolutely equal on the podium. So what to do in this case? How to decide between them?

Of course, you need to build on your color. Girls with a warm skin podton ("summer" and "spring") should give preference to golden shades of light-brown, and "winter" is better to choose ashy. They are perfectly accentuated by light skin and bright eyes.

As a rule, gold revitalizes the face, makes it lighter, rosier. Ashes and silver, on the contrary, emphasize peeling and inflammation, girls with bad skin should not think about this shade.

In general, light brown is a fairly universal color. All girls can try it, because it is a transition from blond to dark. This fashionable hair color, the photo of which is in the article, must be liked by any man.


Earlier, when gray hair was painted with henna, this color was considered the most terrible of the existing ones. But the times are coming, the stereotypes are changing, with them the fashion changes too. Therefore, if before the world was ruled by blondes, now the red-haired girls are actively taking the baton. Fashionable hair color 2017 (photo below) has been tested at once by several well-known beauties - Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Marcia Cross, Lily Collins.

Of course, over time, the shade of the red has changed. If in the nineties of the twentieth century, all painted red hair with a red podtonom, now the girls, again, prefer a more natural, natural tones.

After reading this, many will immediately think about the old tested natural dye. But forget this thought. но это не значит, что цвет, полученный при окрашивании хной, будет таким же эффектным. The dye is actually safe, no doubt, but this does not mean that the color obtained when staining with henna will be as effective.

If you still wanted to change the bored color of hair to something radical, you can safely choose a redhead. But do not conduct such an experiment at home - it's better to trust a professional and not worry about the result.

There is little advice: if the hair is light, then you can just buy a tint shampoo and try this color on yourself. There is no risk - if the effect does not like, you can just wash your hair and everything will return to its proper place. It is very convenient.


This fashionable hair color in 2017 (photo below) has gained popularity. Star beauty Katy Perry already had time to try it on yourself. It is worth mentioning that it was originally designed for natural blondes (Scandinavian blond), but then the hairdressers decided that it would look as good on bleached hair. And it happened.

What in general is this technique? It is the use of several shades of orange and pink flowers on blond hair. It is not necessary to color the whole head in this way, only some strands can be distinguished, creating a careless effect.

Despite the fact that this technique is really quite popular, it has its drawbacks, for example:

  • Frequent procedure of toning (2-3 times in 1.5 months).
  • Permanent bleaching of hair (fading own shade, fragility and lifelessness).
  • It is difficult enough to return to your natural color.
  • Exposure to sunlight several times stronger spoils the structure of the hair after the clarification procedure.

Babylites (hair color)

What is fashionable in 2017? This new staining technique gained popularity right after the first incarnation. It consists in the fact that the master combines melioration and balayage, creating something new, interesting. He, as an artist, draws, makes strokes, smooth transitions and borders on the hair.

Thus, even though the technique is the same, absolutely identical colors do not exist. And if melirovanie looks quite unnatural, then this technique, like the shatush, creates the effect of sunburned hair. Usually, the wizard touches the ends and hair lying at the contours of the face, that is, they pass through the sun zones. So the desired effect is achieved.

оттенок волос и желающих сделать волосы светлее. This technique is just perfect for brunettes and girls with a medium-blond shade of hair and wishing to make the hair lighter. So lightening will not spoil your hair, because it will take place in several stages, and the girl will be able to get what she wants.

Also, the plus is that with this coloring one can take up to 3-4 months if the rest of the hair has a natural color.

At home, it is better not to resort to coloring, as the desired effect will not be created, and the risk of making clear horizontal and vertical lines that hardly anyone will like is there.

Short hair

Particular attention should be paid to the owners of short haircuts, because they will not be suitable for all the staining techniques that were suggested above. But if you focus on Hollywood actresses, you should give preference to a platinum blonde with darkened roots. It will look expensive and interesting.

Also fashionable color of short hair (2017) - strawberry blond. It is worth trying older women - it will refresh your face and make skin irregularities less noticeable.

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