Domestic quartz generator

In Russia and abroad, a quartz generator of domestic production is widely known. The product meets the demand in the domestic market of the country both in terms of quality and quantity. Morion Joint Stock Company has long been engaged in its manufacture and production. Let's consider some types of models.

Precision thermostated generators

The generators are divided into precision thermostated and thermocompensated.

The first, having a modest size, are distinguished by outstanding indicators for energy consumption, reliability in difficult operating conditions and low cost. A large group consists of thermostated instruments. A quartz oscillator from this group can be made on the basis of a resonator with internal thermostatting (or a resonator of a PT thermostat), and also with the aid of Raman scattering in vacuum housings made of metal with external thermostating.

Let's consider separate generators within this group.

Precision device

The quartz generator based on RT is the first precision apparatus of the plant. It has high thermal insulation and the connection of the heater with the piezoelectric element. The device is very economical in energy consumption and is quickly switched on. In addition to these main advantages, it has the following properties:

  • Excellent frequency stability;
  • Low noise level;
  • Small value of ELF;
  • Reliability of work in difficult conditions.

You can also name a combined heater, which is able to consume energy both in steady state and in transient mode. This is a feature that also has a quartz oscillator. The scheme of the device can be the same as in the photo below.

Instruments with external thermostating of the resonator

A little less economical are these types of generators. They are inferior in terms of speed of transition to the operating mode. At the same time, they have other significant advantages: better temperature stability of the frequency and a smaller size. In addition, such a quartz generator is not as laborious as the previous one, and at the same time more technological.

The most miniature precision instruments

According to the frequency stability, the spectrum of the device and the economy, they are also inferior to generators based on RT. But to the merits can be considered very small size and much lower cost. The smallest device is the GK118-TC model, whose dimensions are 20/20/10 mm.

Among such generators you can find those that are used for SMD-technology. Such devices are characterized by even greater energy consumption, as they do not have such good thermal insulation properties.

Ultra-precision quartz generator with thermostatting one- and two-stage

The design of this device is optimized for heat fluxes. To increase the accuracy of maintaining a stable temperature, corrective elements have been added to the system, which react to the temperature change.

Devices with a two-stage thermostatic control over the parameter of temperature stability of the frequency are surpassed not only by generators with single-stage thermostating, but also by rubidium species.

With the development of wireless technologies, the generators were brought to the necessary standards and continued to solve new problems of a time-frequency nature.

Precision high-frequency generator

To develop new frequencies in radio electronics, there were corresponding requirements, which the quartz oscillator had to satisfy. Frequencies increased, and with them phase noise increased. This caused the creation of new low-noise high-frequency devices.

With an increase in the Raman frequency, the thickness of the piezoelement decreases, and this, in turn, causes a prolonged unstable frequency. But if the number of the harmonic of the resonator increases, then the suppression of the excitation of modes and harmonics, which are undesirable, is difficult.

When two generators connected by a phase-locked loop are combined in one device, at different frequencies they can combine a low FSH in the far zones, which is further reduced in the near zones, as well as a long temperature stability of the frequency. The quartz high-frequency oscillator here becomes controllable and adapts to the low-frequency reference. The PLL then includes either a divider or a frequency multiplier. The thermostatting of the high-frequency mechanism is carried out in one design with a low-frequency one. Due to this, the frequency stability and spectral characteristics are substantially improved.

Low-noise, highly stable, thermocompensated devices

This group of generators is inferior to those listed above for frequency stability and phase noise level. But these devices require less energy consumption, and also benefit from the speed of transition to operating mode and overall dimensions.

The resonator in a thermocompensated generator operates at the same temperature as in the environment. Due to the possibility of administrative influence, created due to a change in frequency and the ability to achieve values opposite to the intrinsic temperature resonant changes, stability increases.

In the photo below you can see a quartz oscillator on a chip.

About the manufacturer

JSC Morion is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quartz oscillators with the highest stability. In addition to these, precision, thermocompensated, clock, voltage controlled quartz oscillators, as well as resonators and filters are produced.

High sales are maintained both domestically and externally. More than once the company received prizes for a special contribution to the development of electronics and innovative ideas.

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