Avent Philips steamer-blender: an overview, description, features and reviews

With the advent of the child, the life of the parents changes. He needs to devote more and more time. Few few happy months passed, and it's time to give various bait. It will help quickly to cope with the preparation of children's dishes blender-steamer Philips Avent. Avent is a company long known to customers.


Blender steamer Philips Avent ("Avent") is designed for cooking baby food. But this does not mean that adults can not use it for themselves. Lunch for the whole family on it you can not cook, and different sauces are very delicious.

With a steamer can be subjected to heat treatment, that is, to weld a couple of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat. If the child is very small, he will not be able to eat them whole. First you need to grind everything. For this, there is a "blender" function. With its help you can get food of a uniform consistency.


The steamer-blender Avent SCF870 / 22 is powered by 220-240 V. The power is 400 watts. The frequency is 50-60 Hz. Mechanical control: the device is turned on by turning the knob on the regulator. A beep indicates that the food is ready.

The device is small in size. Its length is 31 cm, width - 20 cm, height - 15 cm.

The steamer-blender Avent SCF870 / 22 is easy to use. The tank is easy to fill with water. It is placed there 200 ml. The volume of the blender: 0.45 liters of liquid or 800 solids. Weight - 2 kg, together with a box - 2.9 kg.


The steamer-blender Avent consists of a base with an evaporator and a glass. At the base is hidden the electrical part, here is the regulator of cooking modes: "Steamer", "Shutdown", "Blender". The power cord comes out from below. It is protected from breakage near the base, because it is laid on special grooves.

The cord itself is short, 50 cm (in the documents indicated 70 cm), which is very disliking to customers. It is necessary to install the device in the immediate vicinity of the outlet, and this is not very convenient. After all, vibration when working in blender mode requires a reliable basis.

Users would like the cord to disconnect from the base of the steamer.

At the top of the evaporator there is a hole for the passage of steam and a guide for installing a glass with products.

The steamer blender Avent SCF870 / 22 comes complete with a measuring cup and a shovel in order to remove cooked food from the bowl. A colorful instruction in Russian describes in detail the sequence of processes. There are recipes for cooking 12 dishes, developed by famous pediatricians. They are designed for children of different ages. However, users note that not all the products mentioned there can be obtained from us.

Produced in Turkey.


The steamer-blender Avent belongs to the first class of safety. After all the water has evaporated, the device automatically turns off. Therefore, your products will not burn if you forgot about them and went to another room. There is a system for the safe installation of the lid and bowl.

Do not allow water to reach the engine. If this happens, wipe it with a napkin.

Operating principle

Working with the steamer "Avent" is easy. Although some users complicate the process. They pour a lot of water, and then mark the desired cooking time. When it passes, turn off the steamer. But in this case you need to constantly monitor the clock.

In fact, manufacturers conceived the principle of the device in a different way. Before pouring water into the evaporator, see the instructions in the cooking time of the products that you are going to use. Proceeding from the fact that 100 ml of water evaporates in 10 minutes, calculate the required amount and pour it into the evaporator. Then place the glass on the base so that the knives are at the top. Set the position "Steamer" and wait until the alarm sounds.

If you pour less water, then the products will remain moist, more - will be digested.

Turn the glass with the knives down, turn the knob of the knob to the "Blender" icon. Hold for up to 30 seconds. If no homogeneous mass is obtained, repeat the procedure in a few seconds. Keep it on for a long time can not be, it will lead to a breakdown of the device.

Open the lid and take out the prepared mashed potatoes.

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The instruction does not recommend putting frozen food in the bowl. But some users do not pay attention to this and prepare without preliminary defrosting. However, they did not notice any side effects for the steamer.

When cooking steamed food is prepared in its own juice. It is used for grinding. If you do not need this amount, you can remove the bowl and drain the excess, and then set the mode to "Blender".


If you do not need to grind food, you can stop at the Steamer function. Consumer testimonials indicate that Philips AVENT SCF870 22 blender cooker prepares delicious meatballs, cooks soups, prepares fish and meat, dishes from cereals and pasta. And cooking of each of these dishes takes no more than 20 minutes.


The steamer-blender Avent SCF870 has such advantages:

  • Saves time. Downloading products, you can safely move away and do other things.
  • Under the influence of steam, vitamins and nutrients almost did not collapse.
  • Used little dishes, so you only need to wash the bowl of the device.
  • It takes up little space, compact.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Fast cooking.
  • It can be transported with you when traveling to another city or on vacation.
  • You can cook for the future, freezing part of the cooked food.
  • In the refrigerator, cooked food can be stored for one day.


Customers like the steamer-blender Avent. Reviews say that it greatly facilitates cooking for children. Compare with how they cooked before buying the device: they cooked in a saucepan, drained excess water, forked vegetables and fruits. The result was much worse. Remains were lumps, food was heterogeneous. To wipe through a sieve is very troublesome, and it is difficult to wash it.

Users like how the rubberized parts fit the bowl with the lid and the base. The guide makes the installation process simple. They note the quality of the parts of the steamer-blender.

They notice that it is not very convenient to fill the water, for this it is necessary to take a watering can. But you can use a measuring cup with a filling spout, which comes with a steamer, or any kitchen cup.

There are complaints that the steamer blender Avent SCF870 22 poorly chopped raw fruits. She tears them apart. But all the same it is designed to work with cooked foods.

For some users, after many years of work and constant application under the influence of steam, the plastics are old loose and darkened.

The silicone valve is small and weakly attached to the base. Sometimes it falls off and can get lost. Users would like manufacturers to add a couple of spare valves. After all, without them, the device will not work.

Some users think that the blender is too noisy. But in fact, his power is rather big.

There is information that among the real steamers there are counterfeit ones. Their quality is much worse than the original ones.

Cleaning and washing

They say that cleaning the parts is not very convenient. It is better to do this immediately after cooking, until they are dried. Some users say that they periodically wash them in the dishwasher. The instruction does not forbid it to do. You can not wash there only a part with the motor.

Nobody likes that every month you have to carefully clean the bowl of scale with the help of citric acid. Some users advise to fall asleep at night, at the rate of 10 g for 200 ml of warm water. In the afternoon, evaporate the water. To do this, install the bowl without food on the device in working order. Turn it on for 5 minutes. The remaining water is poured out. Rinses.

Then repeat the same procedure with clean water.

The knives are cleaned with soda.

In addition to citric acid, you can use 50 ml of vinegar, dissolving it in 150 ml of water.

After cleaning, leave the appliance empty and open.

Water for cooking is advised to take bottled water, it gives less scaling.


How much is the Philips Avent Steamer-blender? Prices for them about 5-7 thousand rubles. This, of course, a lot. But the devices of other well-known firms cost about the same. Users note that the cost of jars for baby food in a few years can be compared with the price of a steamer.

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