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Austrian club "Red Bull Salzburg"

"Red Bull Salzburg" - this is one of the strongest Austrian clubs of our time. His current appearance, he found only ten years ago, when he was bought by the company "Red Bull". However, before that, the history of the team had its own successes and achievements. In this article, you will find out what the Red Bull Salzburg club has achieved during its existence.

History of the club

"Red Bull Salzburg" was founded in 1933, but then it was called only "Salzburg". Since then, the name of the club has changed many times, but the longest time it was called "Austria" - the owners returned to this title three times in the whole history. And this is how the club was called in 2005, when it was bought out by the Red Bull Corporation and renamed the Red Bull Salzburg. Then a complete rebranding of the club was conducted, impressive finances were poured in, which made it much more competitive and regained its former glory.


"Red Bull Salzburg" - a football club, which for all of its existence has managed to achieve a lot. In the fifties, he first broke into the big leagues, he was able to stay there and fought well during the following decades. For the first time the club was able to win the Austrian Championship in 1994 - that year became legendary for football players, as they were able to climb the highest in the European tournament. "Salzburg" left behind the largest clubs in Europe and reached the final of the UEFA Cup, where he lost to Milan's "Inter". This was the biggest achievement of the team in the international arena - after that the Austrians could only reach the 1/8 of the Europa League in 2014. But if we return to the local arena, then the club was extremely successful. He won three championships in a row, including the one that became the first in the history of the club. But then there was a serious decline, and until the appearance of the "Red Bull" the team could not win anything. However, as soon as funding appeared, Salzburg started playing with new colors. Already in 2007, the Austrians again became champions of the country and repeated this success six more times, the last three times in a row. In addition, from 2012 to 2016, "Salzburg" won four Cups in Austria, and today it is considered one of the strongest, if not the most venerable club in Austria.


Most of the matches for the club was held by Austrian defender Thomas Winklhofer, who spoke for "Salzburg" from 1992 to 2001 and from 2002 to 2007, that is, almost all his career. During this time he spent 429 matches - an incredible figure, as his closest pursuer, Hermann Stadler, has only 360 games on his account. If we talk about those players who currently protect the colors of the club, then the record holders are Christophe Leitgeb and Andreas Ulmer - they held for the team 289 and 285 matches respectively. As for the goals scored, the unbeaten record holder is the current striker, Jonathan Soriano, who managed to score 170 goals in 197 matches.

Record transfers

"Red Bull Salzburg" is a football club, whose transfers after 2005 were exceptionally outstanding for the level of the Austrian League. The record amount (six million euros) was spent in the summer of 2016 to purchase the Israeli striker Munas Dabbur. It should also be noted and the transfer of Sadio Manet in 2012 - 20-year-old Senegalese then was unknown to anyone, but the Scouts managed to consider it a rising star. And now he is one of the key players of one of the strongest clubs in England - "Liverpool". Actually, the transfer of Manet to Liverpool, along with the transfer of Nabi Keita to another club belonging to the concern, "Red Bull Leipzig", was a record. In both cases, the players were paid fifteen million euros.

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