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The failure of the gambling zone 'Azov-City'. Will there be a new gambling zone in the Kuban?

The gambling zone "Azov-City" officially worked for four years, and on April 1, 2015 it was liquidated. All this happened after the official notification, here are the details.

All tenants of the Azov-City gambling zone, according to them, received letters from the Minister of Strategic Development in the Krasnodar Territory, Alexei Sheyan. It says that before April 1, 2015, the gambling zone must be liquidated.

This gambling zone was the first to start its work in the territory of the Russian Federation from the declared ones. It consisted of two parts, the first one is in Scherbinovsky district, and the second one planned to start its work in Anapa. Previously, talked about the inconsistency of the gambling zone due to insufficient infrastructure and remoteness from residential facilities. The government ordered the liquidation of the zone, taking into account the amendments to the Law on Gambling Activities of 2014, which specify that the gambling zone in the Kuban can be placed only in those areas that were allocated for the construction of Olympic facilities. That is, as you understand, now in the territory of Azov-City will be created a new gambling zone, which will be located in the area of the Olympic buildings in Sochi.

Of course, everyone wanted to keep the existing gambling zone, and next to it to create a new one, but, so to speak, it was not possible to settle all the formalities, and as a result it turned out that the budget suffered losses. As a result, the Krasnodar Territory was reimbursed all costs for transport and engineering infrastructure, which were allocated for the construction of the gambling zone. According to official figures, this amount is up to 10 billion rubles. Naturally, not everyone is happy with this course of events, but this is reality. It is not yet clear when the construction of a new gambling zone will be completed.

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