Sign "Mercedes": description, designation, history and interesting facts

The sign of "Mercedes" today is known to all people. Even those who are poorly versed in the subject of cars. Mercedes-Benz is a world-famous concern, and the cars produced by it have proved to be luxurious, expensive and of high quality. And on the hood of each model flaunts a three-beam star. What does it mean? How did this symbol appear? It is necessary to understand.


The sign of "Mercedes" appeared in 1925. It arose shortly before the merger of the two companies - DMG and Benz & Cie. The firms merged a year later, in 1926. And the new enterprise became known as Daimler-Benz AG. This event subsequently marked the emergence of a new automobile brand. It is today known as Mercedes-Benz. Together with the emergence of this company, the co-founders had a desire to preserve their traditions.

Interestingly, the logo itself was registered as a trademark in 1909, on August 6. And what is most interesting, the laurel wreath and the "Mercedes" star have completely independent beginnings.


In the distant 1886, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler did not even know about the existence of each other. But it was in that year that both entrepreneurs created their own cars, driven by an internal combustion engine. Then they registered their own trademarks. And again, at the same time - in the summer of 1909. Two companies as it were in advance were competitors for each other. Their founders set a certain direction for development and began to use the newly made emblems on machines produced by them.

But then, as already mentioned above, a merger occurred . And there was a common logo - the three-beam star Mercedes and the laurel wreath Benz. Although Daimler still used a different version of the logo, when he created his cars. On the hood the inscription "Daimler" simply flaunted, and a mythic phoenix floated above it.

The appearance of the trade name: the history of "Daimler"

So, about the sign of "Mercedes" then you can talk in more detail, but now it is worth a couple of words to say about the name. Regardless of the exact name of the founding company - DMG or Daimler, the machines had to be somehow called. Because the company agreed in 1900 with a man like Emil Jellinek. He was involved in the sale of innovative engines and cars. And at that time, Jellinek was the largest dealer of cars, which produced the company DMG. He, in fact, gave the name to the machines. Mercedes - it was his nickname, which he used to participate in racing. And in fact, it turned out later that this was the name of his beloved daughter.

So, in 1902, on June 23, Daimler applied for registration of this name as a personal trademark. And within three months, the brand gained legal protection. The new trademark was the inscription "Mercedes", curved, like an arc.

The Benz trademark

Since the sign "Mercedes", which we all know today, has a "double" history, then attention should be paid to the company Benz. Or rather, how she advertised herself at the beginning of the past, the 20th century.

The founder made everything simple - he created a memorable brand name. It was an inscription on which the words Original BENZ were adorned. It was decided to place it inside the cogwheel in black. It looked very impressive and really remembered well. Then, however, the central element of the emblem was the last part - the prefix Original decided to remove. And the cogwheel black wheel was replaced with a laurel wreath, which is a symbol of victory. And since the company achieved considerable success at the time in the production of cars, it was very symbolic.

Becoming a star

The history of the sign "Mercedes" is very rich and complex. After all, the company itself comes from two companies, so that the brand, accordingly, could not but undergo changes.

The formation of the recognizable three-beam star began soon after the adoption of the name "Mercedes". The idea was suggested by Paul Daimler, who is the son of the founder of the company who went to the world in 1900. The three-beam star has become a symbol of the fact that the engines of production "Damyler" are used everywhere - on the ground, in the air and in the water. After all, the power units that the company produced, went to aviation, and to ships and cars.

Initially, the star did not have a ring, which is now difficult to imagine. It appeared in 1916. The sign "Mercedes" on the hood became much more convenient to place, and besides it looked much more organic. And then, after another five years, it was decided to add a star in a wide ring - it was placed on a radiator.

And after the merger of "Daimler" and "Benz", in addition to the names, it was decided to combine their logos. Each brand was taken with something of its own, special. "Daimler" left the star, and the head of the company "Benz" offered to conclude it in a laurel wreath. The decision was made, so in 1927, October 7, the name Mercedes-Benz and the three-beam star, encased in a ring from the wreath with the company's name inside, were officially assigned to the new firm.

Interesting value

Many people are wondering what the "Mercedes" sign means. The answer was given above - this logo embodies the fact that the company's engines were used in aviation, in the fleet and in cars. But many people decided, that is called, to dig deeper. And some information was very interesting.

So, the circle is a symbol of movement, protection, prosperity and concentrated energy. Another circle is eternity. Maybe it's an accident, but people who drive Mercedes are successful, energetic and confident.

And what does the "Mercedes" sign mean, that is, a three-beam star? It turned out, and in it you can see something special. This sign relates to triune symbols. In other words, it is an all-seeing eye, a symbol of fate. In many nations, this symbol means great strength, power, a strong spirit. This, too, can be reflected in the "Mercedes" - because we all know very well how these cars are fast, powerful, dynamic, reliable.

And finally, the very number of rays is three. About him you can tell a long time, venturing into numerology and esoteric, but this does not apply to the topic. So we can say only one thing. The figure three is a synonym for excesses, prosperity, abundance. "Three" - the desire, sometimes even greatness, success. This figure is more than magical. And definitely, all of the above is reflected in such an emblem as the sign of the car "Mercedes". People who know what kind of cars they will of course agree.

Arrangement of the emblem

On the hood there are always two "Mercedes" emblems. To date, there are several options. Using the example of the "500th" popular in the 90s, one can see that the three-pointed star in the ring rises proudly on the hood, and just below, at the very top of the radiator grille, is the same sign, but enclosed in a laurel wreath and the company's name.

Now more often there are models with a large star in the ring in the middle of the radiator grille. But nevertheless, on their hood too modestly flaunts a sign with a wreath. There are options (usually tuning), combining just two prominent options. The star on the hood in the ring and on the radiator grille is in the middle. In general, there are lots of options. But the star on the "Mercedes" in any case is always there. If this is not BRABUS. Machines, descended from the conveyors of this tuning studio, often instead of a star on the grill have a stylish volumetric letter B. Although still everyone knows that this is Mercedes.

Long-term success

"Mercedes-Benz" - a sign that carries in itself not only a certain meaning, which was described above. If you look from the ordinary human point of view, then this is an incredibly expensive brand. To date, its value is more than 16.505 billion euros! And this concern was unanimously recognized as the best German brand. And the most expensive, of course. And this is not surprising. The brand was formed over a hundred years. During these years, the brand was invested in a huge number of forces, money and nerves of its creators, developers, specialists of various industries. Not one hundred people tried to make the Mercedes not just a car brand, but a legend. And it succeeded. Today, people, seeing a person who drives a car of this brand, understand - he has money. He is successful and wealthy. He certainly is confident in himself and in his abilities. Because only such a person can afford a machine of the highest German quality. These cars are elite, expensive, reliable, prestigious, safe, comfortable, exquisite from the inside and stunning from the outside. And of course, technically perfect. Here that it is possible to tell about cars "Mercedes".

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