Serving table on wheels: types and description

A serving table is a mobile assistant in many household chores. He pleases the eye with beauty and heats the heart with a variety of uses.

Apply with advantage

It is difficult to overestimate the functionality of such tables - they provide an opportunity at one time to bring all the necessary servings for a dining table or transport all dishes to the table at once. Such a piece of furniture can easily perform the function of an attached wine buffet, a mobile version of a buffet table service or a table for an evening tea party in a close family circle.

Mobile and ergonomic

You can arrange a party in the room and collect everything you need on a table on wheels, and you can also use it for work - by placing a laptop or tablet on it. With the success of the serving table on the wheels will serve as a bedside table, on the surface of which you can conveniently place a book, a table lamp, a cup of tea - everything that will help to organize a comfortable sleep. And if there is a person in the house who requires hospital care, then the table on wheels is simply indispensable: it is always possible to deliver to the bed the necessary medicines, food, hygiene products. Just as quickly you can remove all that is used - because the table easily moves around the apartment and does not take up much space.

Material culture

  • Glass designs delight the eye with the refinement of shapes and the ease of visual perception. Glass can be transparent, matted or decorated with full-color printing. The glass table fittings can support the hi-tech style and shine with chrome details in support of the overall interior design idea. But glass is a grateful material, it harmoniously combines with a tree of warm and cold colors, as well as with plastic and other high-tech materials.
  • Wooden serving table on wheels - traditional execution of furniture accessories. The warmth of a natural tree will always remain beyond competition. Such a table will appeal to lovers of classics, besides, only wooden tables for serving can be antique.
  • A table made of plastic is the most democratic model. Plastic is easy to clean, hygienic, practical, involves a variety of color and design solutions.
  • A metal serving table on wheels is in most cases used as a professional attribute in hotels, restaurants and cafes. On its surfaces are easily placed breakfasts and lunches, serving items, the morning press and much more from what visitors and guests of the establishments order. Such tables are solid, have excellent maneuverability, capacious and determine the status of the place by which they move in the company of skilled waiters. Professional mobile tables are often equipped with a heating system - so the dishes retain the required temperature for a long time.

Folding tables

In addition to all the above excellent qualities, some tables have one more additional design feature - to be invisible. The table is folding on wheels - a compact model. It can be folded and placed in a place where there will not be anyone to disturb, for example, behind the closet, in the pantry or on the balcony.

Serving tables on folding wheels can not always boast of the grace of shapes. But they always go in the vanguard of practicality and multifunctionality. In the folded state, the serving tables on the folding wheels are a plane no wider than 8 centimeters wide, and by spreading out the table, you can get a full piece of furniture with several tiers of countertops and additional functions. It can be used for transportation of bottles, fruits, cutlery.

Design opportunities

Serving tables wooden on castors will not only enable mobile relocation of the desired items, but will enrich the interior with an intricate accent that does not need stationary placement. Worktops in a foldable accessory can be fixed at different heights, and this complements the functionality of the tables. Such a piece of furniture can be placed near the chaise longue and do not experience any inconvenience from an excessively high tabletop or place it near the dining table, fixing the height of the upper bar at the proper level. Serving tables folding on wheels have only one small drawback - they can be loaded only up to 40 kilograms, but almost always this amount of loading is higher than that required for domestic needs.

Swedish flagship

IKEA always offers its admirers modern and high-quality modular solutions for furniture filling the house. The company's policy is based on meeting all the needs and requests of customers, but its proposals always conceal a little more - the fans of the modular solutions from IKEA receive fresh and interesting solutions for their home before they form their desire. Was not an exception and a serving table on the wheels.


  • "Grundtal". IKEA model "Grundtal" table is made of stainless steel, has 2 table-tops and one fixed shelf, as well as a pull-out deep drawer. Pleasant and functional additions are a capacious design for bottles in the middle tier of the table and a volumetric wire basket in the lower tier. The table is easy to clean - you can wipe with a damp soft cloth, noiseless in movement - the wheels of medium size freely move both on the smooth surface of the floor and on the carpet. The height of the table is 90 cm, the overall length is 45 cm, the weight of the table is 14.5 kg.
  • The Strindt. This model of the table is made of nickel-plated steel racks and from two tabletops of tempered frosted glass. The table top has a round shape. Two shelf levels and three nickel racks create a compact and elegant solution for the mobile module. This model of the table is almost invisible in any interior, does not take up much space, brings a lot of usefulness and convenience from use. The height of the table is 62 cm, diameter - 50 cm, can withstand up to 15 kg.
  • The "Roskog". This table-trolley is compact, mobile and stable. The metal table with three tiers is equipped with two pairs of wheels, the middle tier is removable. The trolley will successfully fit into any interior and room. Can serve as a bedside fixture and mobile storage for small things in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Overall dimensions: height - 78 cm, width - 45 cm, length - 35 cm. It is easy to wash with soap solution.
  • Beckwam. A table serving on IKEA wheels of this model is made of solid pine. Ecologically clean, anti-allergenic material will appeal to all without exception. This option can be left in its original form, and you can show imagination and zadekorirovat to your own taste. The table has three fixed tiers and is suitable both as an assistant in serving and for storing various necessary trifles. The table has a square tabletop with a side length of 58 cm, height is 85 cm.

Choose and use

Serving tables on wheels, photos of which are presented in this article, have different brethren and design variations of performance. Find your favorite model, which "settle" at home for joy and benefit to yourself and all household members. Convenience and practicality of mobile serving tables are proved by the love of millions of housewives. Join now!

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