Liquid liners as a means of protecting the arches of a car

Various types of fenders are used to protect against the corrosion of the car body . Similar parts made of plastic are considered to be classics, however, today liquid liquid fenders (Lockers).

The steel sheet, from which the body of the machine is made, requires anti-corrosion protection from an aggressive environment. The carcass is constantly exposed to heavy loads and vibrations. In addition, the action of moisture, sand, mud and salt solutions, which fall on the metal from outside during the ride, is added. Therefore, the protection of the body, which provide liquid liners, it becomes a necessity. If the car is not protected, in a year or a year and a half the first traces of rust will be visible.

Part of the motorists naively believe that if the unit is purchased in the store, then it went through anti-corrosion treatment, therefore, additional protective parts are not required to install. The rest, who have no illusions about the quality and durability of factory protection, can not come to a common opinion on the choice of plastic or liquid liners. Everyone can make their choice.

Plastic liners are made of polyethylene under low pressure, they are installed directly into the arch of the car, straightened in place and fastened with rivets (screws) to the body. Plastic liners are durable and less prone to wear. They can be installed without the use of special equipment.

To their disadvantages can be attributed drill additional holes in the body of the car. The fenders are manufactured by the enterprises for each model of the car, and the area protected by the plastic fender is limited by its dimensions.

Liquid fenders Are applied to the surface Wheel arches - this makes the protection more reliable, especially the space between the body of the car and the sub-fender. Special composition (liquid locker) is applied to the bottom of the body and the inner surface of the arches, thereby providing good anti-noise and anti-corrosion properties.

The pluses of these fenders can be attributed to the fact that the use of plastic mass reduces the noise of the wheels by half. There is no need for additional drilling of the body. The area of application of liquid liners is not limited. They are universal for all car models.

When the winter fenders are used in winter, motorists say that snow can be clogged in arches, and when temperatures change it turns into ice, which is dangerous for suspensions. The application of the locker requires cleaning the arches from dirt, observing the application technology and special equipment (compressor and spray).

Liquid liners Noxudol is a bitumen composition in a viscous form, in which rubber granules are added. They are common in most countries of the world and are considered universal. A similar variant of protective parts can be found in any model of auto.

On the question of what to choose, plastic or liquid fenders, one should answer - one can not contradict the other. If this is possible, then it is better to apply both technologies at once, such an output will be ideal. Elements of the car body also need additional protection by installing protective linings or applying anti-gravel.

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