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LED strip 5050: specifications, description, application

Previously, people did well without light, they were absolutely fine, but now society can not do without lighting. The further the technological process progresses, the more demands the customers put forward. For example, simple installation, a brighter light, a long enough life without problems, security, as well as savings in price.

LED strip 5050 LED, as it is not strange, is ideal for all these parameters. It is quite safe, does not have any threat to the human body. And most importantly - it works more than 50,000 hours, which is a pretty big advantage. In addition, the LED strip of this type is a flexible board, on one side of which are located LEDs, which emit light. And the ease of installation and the lack of strong heating during work - it's just something unusual and quite interesting for a person.

The paths that conduct current have a base. It, as is known to many people, has only two colors - white or brown. It should also be noted that three LEDs are connected in series, and the modules consisting of these three diodes are connected in parallel. All this is contained in one tape, which is attached to any surface thanks to an adhesive strip located on the other side of the LEDs.

Therefore, such tapes - this is the most ideal option for modern mankind. After all, for normal illumination of a normal room, it will not take such a long tape.

Types of tapes

As you know, there are two types of tapes: Led (white LEDs) and RGB Led (colored LEDs). The power of each tape is directly dependent on the number of LEDs that fall by one meter.

The diodes themselves are also divided into two types - SMD and DIP. The first option is much more compact and reliable, it has a fairly large glow angle - about 160 degrees. The second option is diodes with a diameter of about 5 millimeters.

In addition, the tapes are also divided in terms of security. For use in open space, there are silicone tapes that keep under protection the LEDs and paths conducting electric current. Also there is a degree of protection, thanks to which the tape can work without any problems in any water environment. And for lighting any elements of the decor does not necessarily choose a tape with a high level of protection, since it does not threaten anything in such cases.


In the use of LED strips, and never limited. You can apply them in such places:

  1. The design of the room (lighting of both tension and suspended ceilings, lighting arches, lighting for the floor or throughout the room).
  2. For outdoor space (pools, fountains, walls of buildings, monuments and other elements of architecture).
  3. Cars (salon, trunk, lights, as well as the bottom).
  4. Advertising (LED figures, illumination for inscriptions, shop windows, contours of advertising stands and billboards).
  5. Furniture (lighting for cabinets, shelves or elegant decoration for glass doors).

LED Strip Light

Currently, the LED strip 5050 smd LED is popular. They are increasingly drawn to attention due to their properties and advantages. The design of this tape is quite interesting. Many masters of all trades have repeatedly tried to change something in her work or just look at this device.

As already mentioned above, the LED strip 5050 has a self-adhesive strip, where the LEDs are located on the other side. For buyers, a large selection of colors is available: multicolor, pure white, and ultraviolet tape. The light emission angle is 120 degrees. The most important thing in this LED tape is the availability of a high level of protection. That is, it is perfectly protected from ingress of dust or liquid, which can damage the work.

This type of tape is often used as a supplement to the interior. For example, it can be both the main lighting, and the usual lighting for scenery. Thanks to the degree of protection, many companies and firms use it to illuminate advertising stands or billboards. Also, the tape will work well when illuminated in a garden or park.

Among other things, LED modules are actually universal. That is, their versatility lies in the fact that the LEDs can be used both with the housing and in the open. For example, the tape can be easily inserted into any structure, which will further enhance the interior and make this thing more unusual.

Lighting parameters

Few people know that the acronym smd in English means "what is mounted on the surface." All the numbers that are present in the name mean nothing more than the size of the chip. That is, 5050 is 50x50 micrometers. LED strip 5050 has a slight advantage over other models - it shines about 3 times brighter, because on the chip there are as many as 3 crystals.

The colors emitted by the LEDs are directly dependent on the type of crystal. To date, there are 4 basic colors that experienced masters are used to combine. Among them, blue, yellow, green and red.

Ribbon 5050 60

Most people are attracted by LED strip 5050 60 LED, which is not surprising. Because the LEDs in it have enough high power, thanks to which the tape can be used to get a good and bright backlight.

Another advantage is the fact that you can use it both inside the house or apartment, and on the street. For lighting ceilings, various interior elements, bar counters and furniture, this option is ideal. And street stands, billboards and wheels of any vehicle (car, skateboard, segway or even scooter) at night the tape 5050 60 will be beautiful and original lighting.

Among other things, you should also pay attention to the harmlessness and low heat release. From these advantages it follows that the tape can be attached to an aquarium with live fish or to a pot with plants, and then enjoy the color illumination.

A fairly flexible base makes it possible to glue the tape completely to any surface. For designers and fans to fantasize about the interior of the room, this option is perfect.

Tape characteristics 5050 60

LED strip smd 5050 60 has special characteristics that attract the attention of customers. After all, when choosing the backlight for a particular subject, you should carefully study the model and find the most suitable for yourself. General characteristics of this LED strip:

  • Leds smd 5050;
  • On one meter there are exactly 60 LEDs;
  • Works under voltage of 12 volts;
  • High level of brightness (1000-3500 mKd);
  • A variety of colors - white, yellow, blue, as well as green and red;
  • LEDs emit light at an angle of 120 degrees;
  • Functions smoothly at temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees;
  • Segment - 50 mm (exactly 3 LEDs).

LED Tape LED 5050 RGB

This tape, like all the above, is attached to any surface with a double-sided adhesive tape. The developers of this model did not stint on really good fastening, so this tape will be very difficult to tear off. There are 300 LEDs in the tape (which is exactly 5 meters in length), which can easily be divided into several parts and used to illuminate a wider room.

The tape, unfortunately, does not have moisture protection, therefore, for use outdoors or in rooms with excessive humidity, it is necessary to use hermetic protection. But most often people find her place in a car or in small rooms, decorating and complementing the interior. It works with a voltage of 12 volts and a power of 72 watts (for the entire tape).

Advantages of LED strips

Strangely enough, LED ribbons have a lot of advantages, due to which they are quite popular. The main advantages are:

  • Minimal waste of electricity;
  • Instantaneous ignition;
  • There is practically no heat transfer;
  • Excellent light output;
  • Can operate without problems at a sufficiently low or high temperature;
  • The service life is quite large.

It is these advantages that allow ribbons to always find buyers. After all, every person has the highest saving and safety.

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