How to make a good hair

Everything flows, everything changes, and fashion returns. Rejoice grandmother, aunt and mother - hairstyles flew back to fashion. Only now will not have to torture poor hair, who have already experienced their difficult moments of life, for example, after chemistry. Everything changes. Now the new generation of hair is relevant, which does not break, but spares the structure of your hair. In this article, a lot of useful information about hairstyles is considered . How to do naches?

What tools and tools do you need to have to create a volume with a fleece?

Special comb for naches - this is the main tool that you will need. There are several optional, but desirable means that will help make the hairstyle even more charming:

  • Large comb of natural bristles;
  • Large ployka;
  • Accessory for creating a hair bundle;
  • Spray to create volume;
  • Large curlers on Velcro;
  • hair spray.

And now we answer the question: "How to properly make hair at home, for as long as possible, so that the hair is not affected at the same time?"

Here is a small instruction on how to correctly make a haircut:

  1. The head should be clean. It is very difficult to create hair over long hair. And even if this happens, such a masterpiece will not last long. On straight, hard hair, this hairstyle will not last long either. The opposite effect is observed on thin and furry hair.
  2. Hair must be dried. Even the usual combing of wet hair is harmful, not to mention hair on wet hair.
  3. You need to choose a special comb. It is advisable to use a comb with thick teeth. Next, you will need to comb your hair done. For this, a scallop with wide teeth is useful. In no case can not "tear" your hair - the right nails on long hair does not leave on the comb broken, torn hair.
  4. In order to keep the created volume longer, it is necessary to apply a special mousse for better hair styling. Begin to do naches need from the back of the head.
  5. Take a small strand of hair in your hand and start brushing your hair, moving from tips to roots. Important: the thinner you select the strand, the longer and better will keep the done you made.
  6. If you are making hair over medium hair, you need to know that only after you have done the back of the head, on the side, you can move to the front strands. To leave a natural look to your hair, you need to leave a few strands without a flush. Naches bangs involves laying the entire mass of hair and bangs separately. It can be combed and then laid on its side, and you can leave it without a fleece. You can lay and straighten hair with special ironing.
  7. Having done the hair, fix the hair with lacquer. This will be the last stroke to strengthen the hairstyle.

Naches can be done on short hair. Just remember that combing your hair short, it can harm them, if you do it every day or apply a large number of tools for fixing. This is the cause of brittle hair.

It is also important to know not only how to properly make hair, you also need to be able to free your hair from such styling. This, it turns out, is no less serious. Gently comb the hair from the tips to the roots. After this, it is desirable to do a scalp massage to improve blood circulation and restore weakened hair.

If it is difficult for you to do the bumps, relying only on this instruction, there are many guides on the Internet. Just ask the search engine: "How to do naches, how to arrange short hair photos and video." Be in all weapons. Feel free to experiment with your image. Be different. Such a woman will never get bored with her man, but, on the contrary, will be an eternal mystery, which he dreams to unravel.

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