How to delete "VKontakte" songs, add and edit audio recordings

Today, a huge number of Internet users spend their free time in social networks. Here you can communicate with friends, share your photos, videos, promote blogs and websites, conduct business. Entering into communities of interest, you have the opportunity to discuss on this or that topic with like-minded people.

Undoubtedly, the social network "VKontakte" is the most popular among the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. Created almost 10 years ago, this "social network" is firmly entrenched in the leading positions and is worthy of competition to similar sites.

If you recently created an account on this resource, then, perhaps, you will be interested in learning how to delete songs "VKontakte", accidentally added to yourself in audio recordings. But there are users who, on the contrary, have not figured out how to add music to their page. Therefore, the article will consider these two issues.

How to delete "VKontakte" songs and restore them if necessary

So, if the user accidentally added the wrong audio record he wanted, or his music preferences changed over time, he most likely wants to remove old, boring songs from his page.

This operation is very simple:

  • On the user's page, refer to "My audio recordings".

  • A list opens where you want to move the mouse pointer to the song you want to delete.

  • On the right there will be a button with the image of a cross, clicking on it, you will get rid of the audio recording.

It is worth noting that after such an operation the composition remains "illuminated" for some time. This is done so that you can restore an accidentally deleted file.

That's all! Now, knowing how to delete the songs "In Touch", you can "clean" the list of your audio recordings.

How to add music

Now you need to understand how to add a favorite song to your page, because there is a category of users who did not understand this question.

In fact, there are two ways in which you can update your playlist. You can download a music file from a PC or use the search in the section "My audio recordings".

So, how to add songs "In Touch"? In the first case, refer to the already familiar "My recordings" section and in the menu on the right click "+". Then select the file located on your device and upload it to the site. At the same time, remember that the added song should not violate copyrights and exceed the permissible size (200 MB).

The second way is to find music on the site "VKontakte." Write the name of the song in the appropriate box and select the appropriate option from the list that appears. On the right there will be a button "+", by clicking on which the file is copied into your audio recordings.


So, now that you understand how to delete the songs "VKontakte" or, conversely, upload them to yourself on the page, you have the opportunity to update your audio recordings.

It is worth noting that the site of this social network has a huge library of music, so if you decide to add yourself a song, it's better to use the search, rather than downloading from a PC.

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