Hotel Seashell Resort Spa

The sea, the sun, the beach, the silence and the gentle breeze of the wind are a real summer vacation. Some people like to travel to Europe, some to cool mountains, and some to Seashell Resort Spa. What is this new complex? Why do many tourists choose Resort Spa hotel in Turkey?


Seashell Resort Spa is a new unique complex, which opened to tourists only recently, in 2013. It is located in a beautiful and cozy historical place in Turkey, in a small village near the sea - Evrenseki. Why here? The settlement is a beautiful, unique combination of amazing nature, pleasant climate and a great past. The hotel with courtesy provides its services to everyone who wants to relax in comfort. It is located near the airport in the city of Antalya, and also 8 km from the town of Side, where you can stroll and relax. Resort Spa is famous for its beach: a long coastline allows you to make amazing romantic evening walks and jogging in the morning. In addition, the gentle and shallow entrance to the warm sea will not create discomfort.

Interior and exterior

Since the Seashell Resort Spa was opened quite recently, it can be assumed that the design of the hotel is modern, comfortable and cozy. In fact, for lovers of luxury and comfort 283 rooms are provided! Modern technology and design, a calm and pleasant atmosphere, elegance in every subject - that is what Seashell Resort Spa 5. Turkey has always been famous for its hospitality, so a caring staff will help brighten up your stay here. The exterior of this place is just as beautiful and does not disappoint you unequivocally. Amazing Mediterranean gardens, swimming pools, lawns, the appearance of houses - this is real beauty!

Hotel services: rest, meals, entertainment

A hot summer day in Turkey is commonplace. In order to make it easier for tourists to stay in a new climate, the hotel offers not only sea and beach, but also huge beautiful swimming pools with clean cool water. During the day, there are activities, sports, as well as animation, which will entertain not only children, but adults as well! In the restaurant Seashell Resort Spa 5 you can taste delicacies and real culinary masterpieces of Turkish and European cuisine. In addition, besides the buffet, in the restaurant, in the bars by the pool and the beach, you can enjoy snacks, delicious sweets and drinks that will quench your thirst during the day.

At your service in the Spa Spa is also a SPA center where you can relax, relax and get rid of anxiety, stress, fatigue with the help of a sauna, Turkish bath, foam massage. But that's not all: just give yourself in the hands of craftsmen and experts in your business - you will not regret it! Here, the masters will reveal to you the secrets of youth and beauty: body and face masks, scrubs, recipes for tea and other drinks, rejuvenating massages ...

Seashell Resort Spa is a place where you can have a royal rest, gain strength and impressions. At the hotel you have a great time with children, parents and friends, with a noisy company or alone. You should just rest, gain strength, and the hotel staff will take care of everything. The Seashell Resort Spa is a paradise, an amazing place!

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