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"Europlat" (payment system): terminal addresses, employee feedback

Today, what was possible before seemed to be something unattainable, and this is what is happening in many areas. The market for electronic payments is no exception. Here there are all new players, promising more favorable conditions of interaction with the client. As the development of this sphere takes place in conditions of free competition, there is nothing surprising in the growth of the number of companies in the sphere of electronic payments. We'll talk about one of these today.

About company

And we will talk about LLC "Europlat" (payment system). It is a Russian company that successfully operates in 50 regions of our country. There is no single center where all the terminals and points of money exchange of this system would be concentrated, in the geographical concept it is a nationwide company. In addition, the list of advantages of the company includes a constant "approach" to the customer, the possibility of maximum contact with him. This service is achieved by further expanding its network of representative offices.

If to speak in figures, then the company started its activity in 2009. This is quite a young service, which managed to acquire more than 5 thousand ATMs and payment terminals. With their help, Russian citizens can use a huge list of options, which we'll talk about further.

The services

So, what does "Europlat" (payment system) offer its customers? First of all, this is a convenient system of mutual settlements. Although this option is not unusual (after all, this service is available in many services), here it is implemented fairly well. For example, a client can easily replenish the card of any bank, pay with his store, pay for mobile communication and Internet services, pay off bills for a communal and carry out any other operation of a similar type from his single electronic cabinet. The platform for it serves, as you understand, Europlat (payment system).


On the service, in addition to simple payments, you can also create your own electronic wallet. With it, you can apply in the same way as with a real payment instrument: credit money to it, send money to everyone, repay the debt.

All this, of course, provides "Europlat" (payment system). Feedback from users that we were able to find on the network, show that working through such a single interface is really convenient. Entering under your account, you get access to everything that only can be needed in the field of Internet commerce. Moreover, the official page of the service contains a list of what makes the work with this service so easy and convenient.


So, what are the positive features of the purse that offers to get Europlat (payment system)? First of all, this is the lack of a commission for replenishment. If you want to have funds for payment on your account in the system, you can make them absolutely without any "outside" commissions and expenses. It's very simple: "contact" any of the terminals or ATMs - and you will be given the opportunity to transfer money to your account on the most favorable terms.

In the second turn, one can note the simplicity. The developers of the system tried to make it as accessible as possible. Registration here, for example, does not require the introduction of a huge amount of personal data. Authorization of the user is flexible enough and universal, assumes availability of different methods of verification. In addition, all trusted money "Europlat" (payment system) reliably protects a number of special mechanisms. Thanks to them you can be sure that your money will remain safe.

Of course, there are other advantages of service in this company. Simplicity of making transfers, an opportunity to get round-the-clock support - all this and many other nuances positively characterize the company described by us.

Service Providers

On a separate page of the official site of the payment system, you can find out which services are partnering with the company. In particular, these are the programs that can be paid with the help of the payment system indicated by us. For example, among them you can see many mobile operators, Internet providers, banks and other payment systems whose purses are able to replenish Europlat (payment system). In total, the directory of service partners contains information on more than 1000 different services.

At the top of the official site, you can even see the "Connect Service" button, with the help of which any representative of an electronic payment or banking service can apply to start a partnership with the system.


Like any other Internet service, Europlat gives you the opportunity to contact your representatives through different support channels. First of all, it can be called the main phone number - the company's hot line. It operates all over Russia and looks like this: 8 800 700 50 53. Every user can call and clarify his question at any time of the day - a contact-center representative will contact him and help with the solution of any problem.

Alternative channels of communication can be called online chat (it works on the site, with its help you can get an instant answer to any question in text form, you do not need to call anyone), as well as an alternative to the call and chat you can name the official mailbox of client @ europlat. Help. Here you can submit any request for a topic of interest to you, and the service specialists will respond to it as soon as possible.

As you can see, the support of users here is really paid a lot of attention. It should be emphasized that the help of the representatives of the service is significant, providing an opportunity to thoroughly understand what interests you.


In fact, the most objective information about the activities of the service we can get by analyzing the comments of users who have experience with it. It is for this reason that we are considering how various "sites" are characterized by "Europlat" (payment system). Check the payment, replenish the mobile account, transfer money to the card - all these and other operations, customers who describe their opinion on the sites with recommendations about this system have already performed more than once. And who, if not them, know what the level of service in this company.

It should be noted that most reviews about the service are quite positive. People write that they like how Europlat works in general (the payment system). Their terminals are in large numbers, service tariffs are low, the quality of services is at the highest level.

On the other hand, there are comments and negative character: in them people describe how they were deceived, did not return money, misled, and so on. As the stories of the latter come up, the funds were actually sent by mistake to another account, because of which the payment system did not return.

There are a lot of comments, but all of them are viewed by the company's employees, and under each one you can see the representative's response.


Such a fast-growing organization constantly replenishes the ranks of its employees with new personnel. Here, judging from information from the official website, they are looking for purposeful, active, intelligent and talented people who want to develop. To see if you could work in this service, you can after visiting the section "Jobs."

Here, if there is any vacant post, an advertisement will be placed on the recruitment of a specialist in one or another direction. If your city really requires a person who is similar to your qualifications, you can apply and test your strength in an interview that Europlat organizes (payment system).

Feedback on the company, however, we could not find. Obviously, this is due to the absence (or small) turnover of personnel in this area. For applicants, this state of affairs, on the contrary, may prove to be a testament to the high quality of labor and attractive conditions in this service. After all, it is unlikely that someone will write a comment on the site about good work. This is usually done in case of discontent.


If we talk about how ATMs and payment acceptance points are organized, then they work as an integral organization called "Europlat" (payment system). The addresses of the terminals operating under this trademark can be found on the official website in the corresponding section. Here, for example, the following places are indicated in Moscow: Dnipropetrovsk Proezd, 7; Vavilov Street, 6; The 14th kilometer of MKAD; Ul. Fryazevskaya, 1; Polina Osipenko Street, 16; Prospect Lermontovsky, 19 and others (we can not list all of them). The same map is available for other cities. With it, you can find the nearest service point.

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