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Biography, creativity and personal life of Vitaliy Bezrukov

Who in the theater does not know the name Bezrukov? It is literally on everyone's lips. At the same time when they talk about the Bezrukovs, they remember just two remarkable actors - Sergei Bezrukov and his father Vitaly.

Consider today the creative life of the senior representative of this family.

Brief biographical information about childhood and adolescence

Bezrukov Vitaly Sergeyevich comes from a simple Russian family. He was born in a difficult year for our country in 1942 (the date of his birth - January 1 - coincided with the beginning of the new year, about which the actor always joked). This happened in the Gorky region (today it is the Nizhny Novgorod region), in the village of Belavino.

Despite the hardships of a difficult post-war childhood, the boy did well at school and after its successful completion did not go to college, but to a theater studio in the city of Sverdlovsk.

The scene always attracted a young man. He loved theater, was keenly interested in literature, music and the art of cinema. From the very childhood, he saw himself in some role, while trying to play positive characters.

It so happened that the young actor finished a completely different and more prestigious Theater Studio of the Moscow Art Academic Theater. Vitali completed his studies with honor, because he graduated this school not just with a regular diploma, but with a diploma with honors. It happened in 1969.

The first works in the theater

While still a student, Vitaly showed his talent on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, as well as at the Mayakovsky Theater, where he played a major role in the play "Oedipus."

After graduating from the studio, the young actor was invited to the Moscow Drama Theater. He actively participated in the life of this temple Melpomene and played a lot. In those years, they were created wonderful images in such performances as "The Robbers", "Guilty Without Guilt", "Days of Our Life" and others.

Vitaly Bezrukov fell in love with the audience, and his unique actor's image began to recognize the audience, no matter what role he played.

Already in 1971, the actor appeared on the stage of the Gogol Theater. In the same period he was lucky enough to play the poet Sergei Yesenin in the play "Anna Snegina."

Later much will change in the fate of the actor Yesenin. Vitaliy Bezrukov's book, dedicated to the creativity and life path of the great Russian poet, will become a matter of his life.

Work in the Satire Theater

In 1980, in the life of Vitaly Bezrukov, a new era came. The famous head of the Satire Theater V. Pluchek invited him to his troupe. This was a great success, since the theater of Satire in those years enjoyed immense popularity, along with Taganka and several other similar institutions.

In this theater Bezrukov worked for many years. Here he played memorable roles in the performances "Nest of Wood Grouse", "Mad Money", "We, the undersigned", etc.

However, because of the conflict with the leadership of Bezrukov for a long time, there were no main roles. Such a state of forced idleness and creative lack of demand the artist experienced painfully enough.

In 2002, Vitaly Sergeevich (after his 60th birthday) left the theater.

Vitaliy Bezrukov: movies and screenplays

In the movie actor began to act since 1968. In the Soviet years, he played in 9 different films, among them such masterpieces as "Walking on the agony", popular films ("The investigation is conducted by connoisseurs") and ordinary film works.

A new life in the cinema began with Vitaliy Bezrukov in the two thousandth. He starred in such films as "Brigade", "In June of the 41st", "Yesenin" and others.

By his own admission, the actor was able to wait for his starring role. It was the work in A. Parkhomenko's film "Luka", dedicated to the fate of the remarkable Russian scientist-physician and prelate Luke (Voino-Yasenetsky).

In this film Bezrukov Vitaly Sergeevich and played the saint Luke. For this role, the actor was awarded a special prize at the festival of Orthodox cinema "Pokrov".

Joint work with my son - Sergey Bezrukov

Much has changed in the life of the actor work together with his son - Sergey Bezrukov. Father confessed that he was trying to invest in his son the best that he could, even named him in honor of Yesenin and his father Sergei.

After Sergei, like his father, decided to become an actor, Vitaliy Bezrukov went to teach at the Moscow Art Theater School, where his son studied. He was actively involved in pedagogical activity and brought up a lot of good actors, whose art now pleases the audience in theaters and TV screens.

And Sergey Bezrukov graduated from the course of Oleg Tabakov and became one of his favorite students.

Together with his father, Sergei starred in the "Brigade", where he played the main role, and in the series "Yesenin" (here Vitaly Sergeevich appeared in the image of Yesenin's father - Alexander Nikitich). The script for this film was written by Vitaliy Bezrukov himself.

The book about Yesenin, authored by Bezrukov the elder, was published in 2005. In the same year on the screens released a series about Yesenin with Bezrukov-junior in the title role.

The film and the book have made a lot of noise in the literary world. The opinions of the critics sharply divided. Some praised the author for his ability to see Yesenin in nature and implement it artistically in his work, while others (usually referred to them by venerable literary critics) pointed to the numerous factual mistakes made by the author in his script and book.

In any case, the work of both Bezrukovs was remembered by the public, and reading of Yesenin's poems became the card of Bezrukov the younger.

The importance of the creative path of Vitaliy Sergeyevich Bezrukov

Vitaliy Bezrukov did a lot for his long life, his biography is a vivid confirmation of this.

He was able to survive both the years of take-off and the years of oblivion, he was able to find himself in a new pedagogical field and still play the main role of his life - the role of the Russian saint and an amazing doctor.

He brought up his son and gave him his acting talent. And the son became a famous actor and glorified his father.

Life path Bezrukov senior allows you to see how much in the fate of a person depends on himself: on the strength of his spirit, faith in victory, ability to tolerate with patience the hardships of life, do not lose faith in people and in life. This is the biography of a worthy person, who by his example seems to show the young actors the right way to success in the professional field.

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